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Geographic Consulting Signs USVI Tree Law Contract

Geographic Consulting signs USVI Tree Law Contract We are proud to announce we have signed a contract to write a comprehensive Tree Law for the US Virgin Islands. Geographic Consulting’s team of arborists has become the leading authority on roadside trees


Introduction to The Project Blog

The Project Blog Introduction This location is the source for updates and the latest information of new and on-going projects by Geographic Consulting LLC. Geographic Consulting provides a wide range of Environmental Services and conducts both large and small natural resources


Plant Conservation Task Force for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands

Our friend, Colin Clubbe of the Kew Botanical Garden has just posted a well written and informative summary of the recent Plant Conservation Workshop in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.   Please follow this link for the details  

Exotic Invasive Species of the US Virgin Islands; Forest Health

    Each year invasive exotic species cause both billions of dollars in damage and the extinction of many native species. The threat of invasive organisms is considered the second greatest threat to global biodiversity, after only habitat loss.   Geographic


St. Croix Tree Inventory and Hazard Tree Assessment; Preliminary Results

The casual observer may think the roadside tree population of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands would be rich in diversity because the island lies in the sub tropics. Geographic Consulting recently completed a two year project to assess the major roadside


NRG Acquires Solar Facility in St. Croix

If you have passed by the solar facility in Estate Spanish Town lately( near Diagio), you know how quickly they are driving in the piles and installing the solar panels. We are proud that Geographic Consulting provided environmental services, and managed the


Print Copies of the Tropical Nursery Manual Arrived

This is a good week for deliveries at the office. Our printed copies of the Tropical Nursery Manual arrived from the US Forest Service ! Did you get yours yet? Did you order it? If you worked with Brian Daley on


Tropical Nursery Manual Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of the much anticipated Tropical Nursery Manual from the USDA Forest Service. The full title of the publication is Tropical Nursery Manual: A Guide to Starting and Operating a Nursery for Native and Traditional Plants


Tropical Nursery Manual from USDA Forest Service on the Way

USDA Forest Service will publish the Tropical Nursery Manual next month. Forest Ecologist, Brian Daley of Geographic Consulting is a co-editor of the handbook, has co-authored the introduction and contributed photography. Dr. Daley has over 15 years experience propagating native trees in


Geographic Consulting Field Crew “Releasing” a native tree planting at Salt River National Park

Geographic Consulting is working with National Parks Service this week doing one of the things we do best; Forest restoration and monitoring.   In July, 2012 Geographic Consulting partnered with National Park Service and others at Salt River National Park in


Ground Breaking Ceremony at Estate Spanish Town Solar Project with WAPA and Toshiba

Today in Estate Spanish Town St. Croix, WAPA, Toshiba and their project partners took part in a public ground breaking ceremony. The open plot across the street from Diagio is the future site of over 14 acres of solar panels that


Geographic Consulting partners with a a renewable energy company to survey endangered plants

  Geographic Consulting has recently partnered with Tibbar Energy to further our survey and mapping activity on the federally endangered plants. Our previous work was summarized in this publication for the Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources.  This most recent


Geographic Consulting Appears in the March USDA – NRCS newsletter

The USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service has just released the March, 2013 issue of their newsletter. Geographic Consulting and our work on assessing endangered plants of St. Croix get a nice mention on page 2. You can download a copy of


Printed Booklets on Exotic Invasive Species Have Arrived

Our printed booklets have arrived and look pretty good. They discuss the ecology of exotic invasive species and which species affect forest health in the US Virgin Islands. They are available for free download HERE. If you would like some of


Report; Population Assessment of the Endangered St. Croix Ground Lizard (Ameiva polops), Protestant Cay

Geographic Consulting has completed and released their report on the Endangered St Croix Ground Lizard (Ameiva polops) population at Protestant Cay, St. Croix US Virgin Islands. The report was prepared for the US Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources,


Introducing Geographic Consulting’s newest addition; Hema Balkaran – Biology Research Analyst

It is my pleasure to introduce the newest member of the Geographic Consulting team. Hema Balkaran and I worked together when I was a Research Specialist at the University of the Virgin Islands and Hema was a student. She was always


Rapid Assessment of Endangered Plant Species, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

  Ecologists at Geographic Consulting have completed field data collection on three populations of Buxus vahlii and one population of Catesbaea melanocarpa.  All plants were marked with Trimble GPS units, flagged and tagged with numbered metal tags in our preliminary work. Accuracy tended to


Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands Plant Conservation Workshop.

This week, Dr. Brian Daley of Geographic Consulting is attending a regional plant conversation conference sponsored by the US Forest Service in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Internationally renowned botanist and taxonomist, Pedro Acevedo provided a detailed description of the plant diversity and


Tree Planting for Forest Enrichment on Buck Island, USVI

Native Tree Planting on Buck Island The Geographic Consulting Tree Team had a great weekend with National Parks Service and dozens of volunteers on Buck Island. You can click here to read the Public Service Announcement from NPS explains some of


Virgin Islands Community and Heritage Tree Law

I am very pleased to announce that a project we have been working on for years is one step closer to becoming a reality. The Virgin Islands Community and Heritage Tree Law is one step closer to passing and becoming part


Invasive Rat Eradication on Islands

Geographic Consulting has long been a proponent of habitat restoration through the eradication of invasive species as well as re-introduction of the native plants and animals (like the St Croix ground Lizard). Rat eradication is one of my personal favorites because


Rapid Health Assessment of Mangroves in Coral Bay, St John

Geographic Consulting recently partnered with the Coral Bay Community Council of St john to complete a Rapid Health Assessment of the Mangrove Forests of Coral Bay. This was a significant project made more important in the post Hurricane Irma setting. Irma


Urban and Community Forestry Grants Now Available for 2018

The 2018 grant cycle for Urban and Community Forestry Grants has begun at the Virgin Islands Department of Agriculture. Organizations and agencies can apply for forestry projects up to $20,000. Follow the link for additional details.    

Forest Restoration Underway at Salt River

We are pleased to share this Press Release from National Park Service regarding our collaborative forest restoration work at Salt River National Park. Since 2012, Geographic Consulting has been growing a wide diversity of native trees in our nursery and helping


“Whats coming up?” The Native Tree Nursery Inventory – March, 2018

Geographic Consulting’s native tree nursery has a wonderfully diverse selection of native trees available right now in 3 sizes. Our ideal target size plant is 3-gallons, but we have smaller plants too.  The vast majority of plants we produce are for


Public Notice to participate in the VIDPNR-CZM 309 Program Assessment

GOVERNMENT OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS OF THE UNITED STATES ————0———— DEPARTMENT OF PLANNING AND NATURAL RESOURCES No. 45 Estate Mars Hill, Frederiksted St. Croix, Virgin Islands 00840   Office of the Commissioner                                                                                                              Telephone: (340) 773-1082 FAX: (340) 773-1716  


Head cut repair: stabilizing and reforesting stream banks and bed in St. Croix

Geographic Consulting specializes in reforestation, erosion control and wetland restoration. We recently had the pleasure of helping fix one small piece of St. Croix. A gut (also known as an ephemeral stream) on the east end of St. Croix was eroding


UVI, Department of Ag. and Brian Daley to host Arborist Workshop Monday

Brian Daley of Geographic Consulting will conduct an arborist workshop hosted by the University of the Virgin Islands and the VI Department of Agriculture. Tree pruning, propagation, and outplanting will be discussed. Admission is free  

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