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Josef Cafourek2014-06-23 11:04:47

Hallo, I have question - how itˇs to possibility buy new Tropical Nursery Manual book, hardcopy. Thank You very much. Best regards, Josef

bdaley2014-06-26 17:04:28

Hello. Please follow this link and you will see where you can access the RNRG site and order hard copies. There is no charge for the Tropical Nursery Manual. I have only seen paperback books and do not believe hardcovers were printed. Thanks very much for your interest in the publication. I hope it meets your needs. Brian

will franks2015-04-01 19:52:50

Brian: I spoke to my guests arriving on April 16. Can you make room for four for the guest/friends turtle watch that night? They were thrilled about the offer and want to come with me and Cat. You can reach me at or 332-7068. Thanks w

bdaley2015-04-08 02:49:33

i sent you a text will. We have you down for 4. Please be there at 730 on april 16. call me any time and we will see you then

Douglas Branch McNair2016-04-20 11:33:20

Dear Dr. Daley: I have a copy of Daley 2009 (Tech. Bull. No. 13), but realize you left AES in 2010. Lisa Yntema has informed me about your new employment. Lisa has also just sent me a copy of your 2010 PhD thesis. I enjoyed reading your 2009 pub, which is very informative. In your new capacity, have you found the time to continue agroforestry research on St. Croix, particularly with respect to conversion of secondary forest to pasture (and development) and pasture regeneration to secondary forest? If so, I would welcome receiving copies of these publications/reports. The AES website was disappointing, listing nothing substantial. I realize USDA did not sample St. Croix (and USVI) in 2012 (Ag Census) because of budget cuts. I was formerly (2002-2005) the wildlife biologist on St. Croix with DFW. I left DFW because of the usual reasons (extreme corruption and incompetence), but I still cooperate with Lisa on the birds of St. Croix (current ms now in press with Caribbean Journal of Ornithology). It's good to learn you're also still on the island. Sincerely, Doug McNair

bdaley2016-05-10 18:02:04

Hi Douglas, Now that I am in the private sector i conduct less academic research and tend to focus on more applied applications. As you can see from the posts in this website, out work includes terrestrial and marine and we also do range from policy to applied restoration work. Please take a look at our publications page for some material. We have not been publishing in the recent past, as we have had more private clients asking us to work on site specific issues.. Thanks for your interest. Email me anytime at

Cassandra Williams2016-08-22 13:13:13

Hello, I was just wondering if could have permission to publish your photo of the leatherback's mouth. (Full credit to you, of course). Thanks, Cassie

bdaley2016-08-23 12:37:24

Cassandra, Good morning. Yes, please feel free to use our image and alink back to our site would be appreciated. Who are the I googled the name but did not find anything that looked right. Also, if you google "letherback mouth" you will find dozens of similar images. Thanks for finding us in our little corner of the web. Brian

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