Invasive Species In the US Virgin Islands

Our wildlife and forest ecologists are well versed in the detrimental forces exotic invasive Fact Sheet Series: Invasive species in the US Virgin Islandsorganisms exert on the economy and the environment. We are active in all aspects of this field from trapping and monitoring invasive populations, advising local government agencies on their action plans to control  invasive exotics, and developing proactive forest health strategies for managed propertied (both private and public). We have also developed a series of fact sheets on exotic invasive species that effect forests in the US Virgin Islands.

Exotic Invasive Species in the US Virgin Islands; The Forest Health Series

The link above will lead you to a 10 page fact sheet series we produced for the Virgin Islands Department of Agriculture on the invasive exotic species most directly effecting forest health. The species were selected by consulting with dozens of regional ecologists who both advised us and ranked species in order of the severity of the threat. The introduction pages discuss basic concepts of invasive ecology and defines some frequently used terms. The species pages are organized into ‘functional groups’ of Pasture Pests, Exotic Vines, Forest Invaders and Harmful Animals. We discuss how the organisms were introduced to the Virgin Islands, their biology, their method of spread and what people can do to control them and limit ecological and economic harm they cause. When possible, we also offer suggestions of native species that can be used in place of the exotic organisms.



bdaley2016-11-02 21:30:16

Stephanie, The information we present here is regionally specific to the Virgin Islands. Im aware of the site you refer too. It seems that St. Croix does not get enough rainfall for king grass it to propagate itself, as it does in florida. We are not aware of any plans to eradicate the King grass, but VIDPNR staff are aware of the situation. I hope that helps a little. Brian

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