Endangered Species Monitoring and Habitat Improvement

Geographic Consulting has worked with government agencies, private landowners and businesses to monitor and manage federally and locally endangered wildlife and plants. We have created plans that simultaneously improve habitat for endangered species and make it more functional for human use.


Mary Petty2014-12-02 16:36:09

Hello! I was wondering if you still have the 2014 Leatherback T-shirts available for purchase? The website does not give the option for size or quantity. Thank you, Mary Petty

bdaley2014-12-29 19:50:23

sorry, we are all out. Are you on St. Croix. I might have a few odd ball shirts in a box, but certainly not in all sizes.

Jim Jackson2015-12-10 19:09:45

How do I find out about volunteer opportunities to help out with the Sandy Point Refugee Leatherback turtle program? I can't seem to find that information here on your website. Thanks!

bdaley2016-01-12 13:52:35

Thanks for contacting us. The Sandy Point project is a more research oriented activity, and does not seek volunteers. Usually, 6 experienced technicians are hired for the 5 month season and there are also opportunities for graduate students. If you would like to inquire about one of those opportunities, please contact Claudia Lombard at claudia_lombard@fws.gov Good luck and thanks for your interest in the project

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