Landscape Planning with Native Plants

Geographic Consulting works with our clients to plan, grow and install native plants appropriate for their projects. We have planned large and small projects in moist and dry sites on the coast and upland. One example is we have created informative, recommended plant list for a coastal hotel that you can view here. We are glad to create a customized list for your condominium, hotel, garden or other project..

Recommended Native Plants for a beach hotel

 Please see our Recommended Tree Species for Roadsides as another example. These large and small native trees are tough enough to survive the difficult conditions on roadsides and add native biodiversity to Virgin Islands urban forests.

Geographic Consulting owns and operates a tree nursery where we produce all of our own plants, right here in St. Croix. We emphasize native tree species and never import potted plants from outside the US Virgin Islands. This means no shipping complications and our plants eliminate the risk of importing exotic pests, as happens so often with imported plants. Our fact sheets for nursery owners and tree growers facilitated increased production of native plants across the territory.

Would you like a wildlife garden that attracts butterflies, hummingbirds and other wildlife? We can help you select plants that will attract monarch butterflies and resident, native pollinators.

A pair of Monarch caterpillars (Danaus plexippus)
feed on milkweed (Caltropis spp).

We conduct a tree inventory and hazard assessment, discuss what the landowners goals and vision of the future is and prepare a plan that will get them there. .  Plans can range from general ideas to specifically mapping individual tree locations and future planting. We work with the land owner to provide the product they want


Juelis Hodge2014-03-30 05:54:13

Good Day, My name is Juelis M. Hodge a Virgin Islands public school educator in search of assistance in my most recent quest to incorporate more agriculture/ horticulture education in my mission to serve the children of the Virgin Islands. I'm in in he process of researching native Caribbean plants, endangered plants and hydroponics for use in urban areas. If there is any statistical information or access to seedling or seed resources that I can use in this process I would greatly appreciate it.

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