• Endangered Species Monitoring and Habitat Improvement
    Geographic Consulting has worked with government agencies, private landowners and businesses to monitor and manage federally and locally endangered wildlife and plants. We have created plans that simultaneously improve habitat for endangered species and make it more functional for human use.
  • Arboriculture Services
    Our arboriculture services are led by three ISA Certified Arborists that are, by far, the most capable and experienced team in the Caribbean.  We excel in both rapid tree health assessments and detailed hazard assessments.
  • Forest Restoration
    Geographic Consulting has conducted dry forest enrichment experiments on land owned by Nature Conservancy and the US Forest Service.  We also designed and developed an island-wide forest restoration plan for the US National Park Service property at the Buck Island National Monument.
  • Landscape Planning with Native Plants
    Geographic Consulting has played an integral role in developing appropriate plant lists for local landscaping and for use in forest restoration projects by collaborating with local landscapers, nursery owners and government agencies. Our fact sheets for nursery owners and tree growers have facilitated increased production of native plants across the territory.  We are actively in contact with area growers and we develop site appropriate landscape designs.  The designs are based on what is currently available in the territory and are not simply static academic lists.
  • High Quality Cartographic Design
    Our staff creates high quality maps, reports and graphics to provide attractive and informative representations that communicate our clients’ needs. From urban forest maps for the University of the Virgin Islands to landscape level map for the U.S. Forest Service Legacy Program our staff knows good design.
  • Invasive Species Management
    Our wildlife and forest ecologists are well versed in the detrimental force that exotic invasive organisms exert on the economy and the environment.  We are active in all aspects of this field including trapping and monitoring invasive populations, advising local government agencies on their action plans to control exotic invasive species, and developing proactive forest health strategies for managed properties (both private and public). We have also developed a series of fact sheets on exotic invasive species that affect forests in the US Virgin Islands.
  • DPNR/Environmental Permitting
  • Land Use Planning
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • GIS Services & Training


Brent Duncan2013-06-25 17:55:25

Do you offer lidar training? If so, please explain options.

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