“Whats coming up?” The Native Tree Nursery Inventory – March, 2018

Geographic Consulting’s native tree nursery has a wonderfully diverse selection of native trees available right now in 3 sizes. Our ideal target size plant is 3-gallons, but we have smaller plants too.  The vast majority of plants we produce are for forest restoration, stream bank stabilization, reforestation or similar projects. We gladly work with our clients to select a diverse suite of native species that is just right for the specific site. Call or email Brian and we can get you started.


If you have a project in mind and would like to discuss species selection, installation, rates and any other aspect of project planning, Call Brian Daley at 340-277-7804.


Genus species Common Name Sown Germinated 1 Gal 2 Gal 3 Gal
Amyris elemefera sea torchwood
Boureria succulenta pigeonberry
Bucida buceras Black Olive
Bursera  simaruba turpentine
Byrsonema lucida locustberry
Calotropic procera Silver milkweed
Calubrina arboresence Maubi
Canavalia rosea Bay bean vine
capparis indica white caper
Capparis cynophalaphora Jamaican Caper
Capparis flexuosa Limber Caper
Castela erecta goatbush
Citharexylum  fruticosum Fiddlewood
Clusea  rosea Autograph tree
cocoloba uvifera sea grape
Cocothrinax alta Tyre Palm
Conocarpus erectus Buttonwood
cordia alliodora Geiger tree
cordia rickeseckeri Orange manjack
Coriaria cesalpina Divi divi
Cresentia cujete Calabash
Crossapetalum rhacoma Maidenberry
Croton betulinas Pistarcle bush
Eugenia monticola bird cherry
Eugenia rhombea
Eugenia ligustrina privet stopper
Eugenia axilaris
Eugenia foetida
Exostema caribaeum Princewood
Ficus benjamani Ficus 0
Guapira fragrens black mampoo
Guaiacum officinale Lignum vitae
Genus species Common Name Sown Germinated 1 Gal 2 Gal 3 Gal
Ipomea pes-caprea beach morning glory vine
Jacquinia arborea Torchwood
Krugiodendron ferreum Ironwood
Lantana involucrata Pink sage
Melochia tomentosa Blackbroom/teabush
Pimenta racemosa Bay Leaf
Piscidia carthanegensis Fish poison
Pisonia subcordata water mampoo
Plumeria  alba Frangipani
Samyda dodecandra Cafecito
Scaevola plumieri inkberry
Senna polyphylla Yellow senna  √
Solanum conocarpum Davids flower
Randia aculeata inkberry tree
Swietenia mahagoni mahogany
Pithocelobium ungus-cati Bread and Cheese
Tabebouia heterophylla Pink poui
Tilandsia utrichlata

Goatbush (Castella erecta) germinating. It is a coastal shrub with silver and olive foliage that produces attractive red berries and tolerates salt well

Sea grape (cocoloba uvifera) seed germinating

virgin islands native tree planting

Various native tree species in 3 gallon pots,, on site and ready to plant


A mahogany tree is staked and fitted with a water-filled tree gator to help it establish in the challenging environment of a public roadside


Forests start one tree at a time

Native trees being installed among the vegetation of a former pasture


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