Tropical Nursery Manual Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of the much anticipated Tropical Nursery Manual from the USDA Forest Service. The full title of the publication is

Tropical Nursery Manual: A Guide to Starting and Operating a Nursery for Native and Traditional Plants

Tropical-Nursery-Manual---CompleteThe manual can be downloaded entirely or by chapters from our new publications page. The chapters are listed in order and the link to the complete document appears at the bottom of the page.  Brian Daley of Geographic Consulting is both a co-editor and co-author. The project was completed through the Reforestation, Nurseries and Genetic Resources (RNGR) group of the USDA Forest Service and can also be downloaded from their website and printed copies may also be ordered from (RNGR).

The Tropical Nursery Manual directly addresses  unique issues that tropical nursery managers frequently face and is a resource they can refer to for practical and technical information. Examples in the manual come from the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam, Marshall Islands, American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Mariana Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, and the Republic of Palau. Dr. Daley is pleased to have so many practical examples, references and photographs from the Virgin Islands included in this book.




Kerry Klein2014-05-22 20:42:57

Hi, I would like to order a hard copy of the manual, how do I do that. I can be reached a t 340-690-7141 cell. Thank you very much. Kerry

bdaley2014-05-30 15:04:28

Hi Kerry, The blog has a link to the website where you can order a hard copy. Geographic Consulting does not have any.

bdaley2014-06-26 17:05:00 here is another link to that blog, just in case.

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