Printed Booklets on Exotic Invasive Species Have Arrived

invasive bookletsOur printed booklets have arrived and look pretty good. They discuss the ecology of exotic invasive species and which species affect forest health in the US Virgin Islands. They are available for free download HERE. If you would like some of these handsome printed versions, please contact Brian Daley directly or Marilyn Chackroff at the Virgin Islands Department of Agriculture (340-778-0997). We have already delivered stacks of them to the University of the Virgin Islands offices and their library, several other federal and local agencies and some commercial nurseries like Cruzan Gardens.


Katherine Carl2013-04-05 16:19:00

Quenepa is listed as exotic/invasive in the US V.I. is it also considered the same in Puerto Rico? The fruit of the quenepa is enjoyed by many people here. How does it cause problems in the environment?

bdaley2013-04-06 15:10:22

Little and wasdworth stated it is native to Venezuala, Colombia and the Guianas. Regarding is being exotic/invasive, I think it depends on who you ask. Prevailing thinking at US forest service IITF in puerto rico is to reject that term altogether and accept all naturilized species as a new member of a new type of forest formation. I dont buy into this thinking myself, but others do and this concept is being pushed heavily by the forest service in Puerto Rico. I would answer the question with the question, is it causing ecological harm> In the Virgin Islands, the answer is yes.

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