Rachel Arney, Field Director, 2015

Rachel Arney, Field Director, 2015 Sea Turtle Program

Rachel Arney, Field Director, 2015 Sea Turtle Program

Rachel recently completed her Master’s of Biology degree from The University of Texas at Brownsville where she studied the recruitment of juvenile fish at an artificial reef in the Gulf of Mexico.  This is currently her third sea turtle project and has previously worked with Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles on South Padre Island, and she worked as a Research Assistant with Leatherback and Green sea turtles in Ostional, Costa Rica.  She is excited to work with Geographic Consulting, LLC and Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge as the 2015 Field Director and is thankful for an opportunity to become a sea turtle biologist.

Since her first day on the job, Rachel has brought a confidence and professionalism with her that makes everyone around her more comfortable and has made the project flow smoothly. She has managed several challenges this season with just the right combination of humor and grace. We consider ourselves lucky to have her directing the field activities on the beach this season.

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