Russell Slatton – Special Adviser, GIS Jedi Knight

Russell Slatton, M.Sc – Founding Member Geographic Consulting, LLC

Russell Slatton is the founder of Geographic Consulting LLC and the leading Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and planning expert in the U.S.Virgin Islands. He has published on agricultural technology adoption, forest change analysis and other natural resources topics. Russell bridges the gap between the highly technical field of GIS and natural resources management as a forester and ISA Certified Arborist. Using his experience gained as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama, he has connected non-profits, federal and state agencies and private companies to complete successful projects in natural resources management with partners such as Diageo, Williams and Punch, VI Department of Agriculture and the Trust for Virgin Islands Lands. Russell brings a non-profit attitude, a government understanding of the big picture and private sector fiscal sense to the business of natural resources management.

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