Romina Ramos, Sea Turtle Technician

Romina Bio PhotoMy name is Romina Ramos and I am from Providence, RI.  I graduated from Green Mountain college in Vermont in 2012 with a degree in Environmental Studies. In my junior year, I volunteered to work with loggerhead turtles in Sal, Cape Verde. Growing an interest in them, I returned to Cape Verde after graduation as a research assistant for Turtle Foundation in Boa Vista .  After observing nesting turtles with minor injuries, I had the opportunity to intern in South Carolina Acquariums sea turtle rescue program; this inspired my curiosity to learn more about sea turtle rehabilitation. After these experiences, I volunteered in my home-state’s  Biomes Marine Biology Center and joined the staff team in 2015. Helping to take care of various fish species and marine animals such as skates, horseshoes crabs, sharks, and more, I find myself captured by the ocean’s diversity and what it beholds. I am excited to work with Geographic Consulting and with leatherback turtles for the first time! I look forward to snorkeling and exploring St. Croix.

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