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Producing Energy on Islands: Marooned

The industry publication, “POWER” published a story on generating power on islands and the challenges. Puerto Rico, and several pacific islands are featured. The US Virgin Island and WAPA are also featured and called “energy trailblazers” for their efforts to reduce

Reforesting Former Pastures in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Geographic Consulting specializes in tropical and Caribbean reforestation, forest restoration, and urban tree planting. Land formerly used for agriculture, that is no longer in production, can often become dominated by undesirable plants, or invasive species, such as casha (Acacia spp.),  tan

Tropical Nursery Manual from USDA Forest Service on the Way

USDA Forest Service will publish the Tropical Nursery Manual next month. Forest Ecologist, Brian Daley of Geographic Consulting is a co-editor of the handbook, has co-authored the introduction and contributed photography. Dr. Daley has over 15 years experience propagating native trees in

Exotic Invasive Species of the US Virgin Islands; Forest Health

    Each year invasive exotic species cause both billions of dollars in damage and the extinction of many native species. The threat of invasive organisms is considered the second greatest threat to global biodiversity, after only habitat loss.   Geographic

Hawksbill Turtle Arrives at Sandy Point.

June 4, 2012 It is June and leatherback season seems to have peaked, with averages still steady at about 5 Mamas per night. Just over a week ago, 10 turtles came up on Sandy Point in one night. A record for

Dawn turtles!

5/20/2012 Welcome turtle fans! Female leatherback sea turtles (Dermochelys coriacea) usually nest at night and “Dawn Turtles” are what sea turtle monitors call those females that arrive on the beach when the sun is starting to rise. They make technicians stay

Geographic Consulting Signs USVI Tree Law Contract

Geographic Consulting signs USVI Tree Law Contract We are proud to announce we have signed a contract to write a comprehensive Tree Law for the US Virgin Islands. Geographic Consulting’s team of arborists has become the leading authority on roadside trees

Introduction to The Project Blog

The Project Blog Introduction This location is the source for updates and the latest information of new and on-going projects by Geographic Consulting LLC. Geographic Consulting provides a wide range of Environmental Services and conducts both large and small natural resources

WELCOME To Geographic Consulting’s Sea Turtle Blog, from the Sandy Point Wildlife Refuge

Welcome to Geographic Consulting’s Turtle Blog. We conduct a sea turtle monitoring project at the Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands that consists of nightly patrols to intercept nesting leatherbacks during the early summer months and

Leatherback Sea Turtles! Blog post #1

5/2/2012 Leatherback Sea Turtle nesting season is now in full swing with an average of 5 adult, female Leatherback Sea Turtles nesting per night! The Sea Turtle Nesting Monitoring Team at Geographic Consulting is anticipating a busy season, and the crew