Leatherback Sea Turtles! Blog post #1

Leatherback Sea Turtle nesting season is now in full swing with an average of 5 adult, female Leatherback Sea Turtles nesting per night! The Sea Turtle Nesting Monitoring Team at Geographic Consulting is anticipating a busy season, and the crew is thrilled! Thus far in 2012, we have 68 turtles returning to Sandy Point, and amongst them, 15 are brand new to the population. Some individuals have already deposited their eggs 5 times along our beach, giving us an approximate total of 130 nests. With an average of 80-100 eggs a nest, that’s a lot of baby turtles! Unfortunately, only an estimated 1 out of 10,000 hatchlings survive to adulthood, making this high number essential for a  healthy, growing population. This blog will point out many interesting and informative facts about the beach dynamics at the Sandy Point Wildlife Refuge, nest relocation strategies, and some tribulations adults face in our waters. The next few nights look to be promising, with lots of mamas gracing our presence! Here’s to an eventful, exciting turtle season!

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