Geographic Consulting’s 2015 Leatherback Turtle Team Begins Night Patrols

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Our 2015 team has successfully completed their field training and has begun full time night patrols. Saturation tagging of all nesting leatherback females will take place every night at the Sandy Point Wildlife Refuge for the rest of the season. We anticipate busy nights from now until the end of July, this year.

Amanda profile picWho is tagging turtles and relocating nests this year in the refuge? Please take a look at our Profiles page to see the members of Geographic Consulting’s Turtle Team this year. These experienced biologists will post updates on nesting activity throughout the 2015 season.


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Have you been on a Turtle Watch recently? You can contact Christina, the new Turtle Watch Coordinator for US Fish and Wildlife at 340-690-9452 to organize a group. Or, you can contact Brian Daley at to see if we have any spots on our Friends and Family Family Night. Our next night is April 16 at 7:30




Mollie Alter; 2015 Leatherback Sea Turtle Nesting Research Team

Mollie Alter; 2015 Leatherback Sea Turtle Nesting Research Team

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