Rapid Vegetation Assessment and Coastal Landscaping Plan for The Palms at Pelican Cove

The coastal landscaping plan for the Palms at Pelican Cove was part of a development plan as part of a VIDPNR Coastal Zone Management, Teir 1 Permit application. Geographic Consulting completed a comprehensive surveyed for threatened and endangered organisms. We also completed an inventory of all woody stems on the property, a rapid health assessment of the plants, made arboriculture recommendations for them as appropriate.

Palms_ Report_

We mapped all of these resources and divided the property into separate landscape zones, based on the conditions present. For the landscape portion of the project we selected appropriate native plant species and created a guide with photographs and brief descriptions of the plants. This recommended plant list takes into consideration the unique conditions present, such as sea turtles nesting on the beach that would be negatively effected by dense mats of plant roots.

Coastal_Landscape_plant list

Geographic Consulting created several maps for the project, each meeting the specific need. This example map is of the vegetation zones identified during the survey.

Palms Area_regions




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