Landscape Planning with Native Plants

Geographic Consulting is instrumental in working with local landscapers, nursery owners and government agencies to develop plant lists appropriate for local landscaping and for use in forest restoration projects. Please see our Recommended Tree Species for Roadsides as an example. Our fact sheets for nursery owners and tree growers facilitated increased production of native plants across the territory. We are actively in contact with area growers and we develop site appropriate landscape designs. The designs are based on what is currently available in the territory and are not simply static academic lists.

We frequently address requests from private landowners, condominium associations, hotels and other parties. We conduct a tree inventory and hazard assessment, discuss what the landowners goals and vision of the future is and prepare a plan that will get them there. All the trees we use are locally grown by us or our partners. We emphasize native tree species and never import potted plants from outside the US Virgin ISlands. Plans can range from general ideas to specificly mapping individual tree locations and future planting. We work with the land owner to provide the product they want


Juelis Hodge2014-03-30 05:54:13

Good Day, My name is Juelis M. Hodge a Virgin Islands public school educator in search of assistance in my most recent quest to incorporate more agriculture/ horticulture education in my mission to serve the children of the Virgin Islands. I'm in in he process of researching native Caribbean plants, endangered plants and hydroponics for use in urban areas. If there is any statistical information or access to seedling or seed resources that I can use in this process I would greatly appreciate it.

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