NOW AVAILABLE in print and for download

The USDA Forest Service Tropical Nursery Handbook is now available in hardcopy and pdf download.

GIS Mapping

Geographic Consulting is the leading entity in the Caribbean for spatially accurate inventories of natural resources and creates dynamic databases for storing and analyzing this data.

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We offer a wide variety of wildlife assessment services including population assessments, species inventory, monitoring of endangered species, habitat assessments and improvement plans, rapid ecological assessments and management plans.

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Trees and Forestry

Geographic Consulting's forestry team is trained and experienced in all aspects of forestry from forest ecology, forest restoration, to native plant production. We have three ISA Certified arborists on staff.

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VI Invasive Species

Exotic species cause both ecological and economic harm to native environments. Scientists at Geographic Consulting create documents that feature invasive species affecting forests.

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A pair of Monarch butterfly caterpillars (Danaus plexippus) feed on milkweed (Caltropis spp.)
Monarch catepillars feeding on plants grown in the nursery by Geographic Consulting in St. Croix USVI
Storm debris and trash in the mangrove after Hurricanes Irma and Maria
Health assessments of Mangrove forests after Maria and Irma reveal severe damage to trees, abundant storm debris/trash and a many seedling/propagules growing in the understory
Crested Anole
The Crested Anole (Anolis cristatellus) population remains abundant after Hurricane Irma in St John
Stream Bank Stabilization
A stream in Green Cay, St Croix, USVI has newly shaped banks, erosion barrier. Native plants were grown and installed by Geographic Consulting to stabilize the banks.
Project Director, Jen Valiulis (left) and members of Geographic Consulting's 2015 Turtle Team
Nesting leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) on st. croix, USVI
2015 Field Director, Rachel Arney with a nesting "Dawn Turtle".
Leatherback (Dermochelys coriacea) female nesting in st croix USVI
Brian Daley of Geographic Consulting is congratulated by Governor John Dejongh of the US Virgin Islands after the company was awarded the 2011 Small Business of the Year Award
Brian Daley of Geographic Consulting, Small business of the year. St Croix, USVI
Certified Arborist conducts a Hazard and Health assessment of roadside trees
Planting native trees in a forest enrichment project with Geographic Consulting
University of the Virgin Islands and US Fish and Wildlife partner with Geographic Consulting in native forest enrichment
Dr. Brian Daley and engineers plan riverbank regrading and revegetation
Adventure gut restoration, St. croix USVI
Biologist, Jennifer Valiulis, , takes a caliper measurement of a federally endangered catesbaea melanocarpa during rapid assessment of the polulation.
endangered species population assessment of Catesbaea melanocarpa
St. Croix ground lizard (ameiva polops) populations are assessed by Geographic Consulting field staff