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Tree Planting for Forest Enrichment on Buck Island, USVI

Native Tree Planting on Buck Island The Geographic Consulting Tree Team had a great weekend with National Parks Service and dozens of volunteers on Buck Island. You can click here to read the Public Service Announcement from NPS explains some of

“Whats coming up?” The Native Tree Nursery Inventory – March, 2018

Geographic Consulting’s native tree nursery has a wonderfully diverse selection of native trees available right now in 3 sizes. Our ideal target size plant is 3-gallons, but we have smaller plants too.  The vast majority of plants we produce are for

Reforesting Former Pastures in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Geographic Consulting specializes in tropical and Caribbean reforestation, forest restoration, and urban tree planting. Land formerly used for agriculture, that is no longer in production, can often become dominated by undesirable plants, or invasive species, such as casha (Acacia spp.),  tan